Dust and fume extraction plants

Thanks to its 40+ years of experience in the sector, Enercon is not only able to provide plants but can also analyse the Customer’s needs, recommend the best solutions for systems of any size: it manufactures dust or fume capture, extraction and filtration plants, but also carries out heat recovery where technically possible and cost-effective.

Particular attention is given to the study and planning of the capture devices (hoods, nozzles, etc.), for which the long and varied experience matured over the years is an essential factor. Enercon also offers a customisation service for smoke and dust extraction and filtration equipment, taking into account different production processes.

The applications

Melting tower furnaces
Melting furnaces
Holding furnaces
Aluminium grinding plants
Chilled casting
Sand casting
Metal treatment and refining
Brass moulding
Treatment dust for soil and metal recovery

Our products

Settling chambers and gravitation blast chillers
Cyclone dust separators or centrifugal dust collectors
Bag filters, cartridge filters, pocket filters, activated carbon filters and wet filters (scrubbers)
Regenerative afterburners for abatement of volatile organic substances
Quenching system or flue gas cooling towers
Lime/bicarbonate addition for acid neutralisation
Addition of active carbon to kill organic micro-pollutants
Anti-explosion panels and fire detection systems (inert gas systems, CO2, etc.)

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Browse the gallery

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