Special applications

Special applications

Due to the diversification of its activities and fields of intervention, Enercon can suggest, design and construct a wide range of plants and special applications that the Customer may require.

We define equipment and specific systems that imply the use of different plant technologies, which do not fit within a specific sector, as special applications.

Enercon is able to offer its help to the industrial operators who are faced with particular plant engineering and production needs and therefore, require specific and customised solutions.

Among these we can mention ladle wagons, industrial sludge drying and treatment plants, soil washing plants, soundproofing systems and incinerators for civil, industrial and hospital waste.

In this regard, since 1984, Enercon has installed incinerators for industrial and hospital waste in Italy, Belgium, Mexico and Venezuela, etc. Since the year 2000, Enercon has taken over the brand, know-how and patents of "IMEF" so as to expand its range of products offered. IMEF is a company that has been among market leaders for more than 30 years, manufacturing incineration systems.


Special applications data sheet