Enercon was born in 1980 to fulfil the particular plant engineering requirements of a group that operates in the field of waste disposal and purification. Soon its flexible and dynamic structure will fit into the largest technical market of industrial plants in general, both nationally and internationally. Initially it was founded as an Engineering group with the prerogative of acquiring the contract, of designing plants and building them by means of external workshops. Ever since 1986 Enercon has established its own production unit, thereby building its plants internally. In addition to developing typical plants according to its own tradition, Enercon has also devoted itself to the special applications sector, in order to offer its customers solutions that are customised according to specific issues. This has been possible by building prototypes, equipment and dedicated plants.

The plants, designed and manufactured by Enercon, include several systems: capture systems, installed near the contaminated air emission, transport systems of the same air, filtration and ejection systems in the atmosphere. The capture systems are designed and built so as to give priority to maintaining the operational and maintenance freedom of the production machines and improve the environment in which machine operators gravitate.

The conveying systems are sized and produced to enhance optimisation of the fluid dynamics and energy efficiency, avoiding waste of energy consumption and minimising maintenance and hygienic expenses. The filtration systems are selected, designed and built with great experience, offering a wide range of possible solutions to the customer and agreeing upon the ultimate solution that best suits their operational, regulatory and economic requirements. In particular, such systems can consist of various filtration stages: inertial (settling chambers, cyclones, etc.), mechanical (metallic filters, with cartridges, with sleeves, etc.) or electrostatic: this is based on the characteristics of the fluid to be treated and the emission limits desired by the customer or prescribed by the local regulations in force.

As far as possible, each type of filtration is equipped with automated cleaning or washing systems so as to increase its efficiency and reduce the need for operators and maintenance technicians to intervene. In this way, the economic efficiency of the adopted solutions is also optimised directly.

Enercon also has profound knowledge of norms, regulations and laws, which are so complex that they make it difficult to implement many projects as well as operations in the industrial-productive sector. Enercon's technical department is at your disposal for a successful collaboration and further information.